I’m a young Parisian artist Vincent Bourilhon who has been practicing the art of photography since the age of sixteen, before exploring the world of photography from a contemporary perspective.

First of all, I am interested in my daily life as an “aesthetic object”. I needed to express myself so I started to take self-portraits. I noticed that with post-production tools, I could create any universe I want in a few clicks. So with the help of my tripod and timer, I had browsed much of field and forests to compose my book.

I am a great lover of cinema. Inspired by artists like Rosie Hardy, Joel Robison, Lissy Elle, Jungho Lee, Pascal Campion or Kouzou Sakai, I’m always looking for poetry and dreams in my personal work which reflects my admiration for the discipline. Through graphic design and digital retouching, I managed to build an imaginary universe, through a cinematic universe, on the border between dreams and reality.

In order to absorb my stories better, I like to interpret the characters of my works myself by becoming my own model, but I also like to work with real models that I direct with the same requirement as a director of cinema.

Today, I explore the world of advertising photography. I recently completed the advertising campaign for my dreams and I’m awaiting publication at A roports de Paris (Orly and Roissy airports). My project is to propose my artistic vision to the company and the agencies of the whole world.

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More info: vincent-bourilhon.com | Facebook

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