Witness Petra by Night

Lit only by candles and a shower of stars overhead, Petra’s passageway to the Treasury hides its main attraction beneath a reverential darkness. The curves and ripples of raspberry-rust rock that mesmerize by day disappear at night, lost in the inky silence. Petra by night was’t beautiful and it didn’t move me. Amid the half-light in Jordan, it overwhelmed me. PS: Petra by day isn’t bad either.

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Take flight over Wadi Rum

From the ground, the desert wilderness of Wadi Rum mesmerises. From the skies above looking down, it provides the kind of views that make you feel lucky to be alive.

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Knafeh, like the stone and sand of the city of Amman itself, has a deliciously rich history (and taste). Delirious with calories, this butter-soaked streetside snack presses cheese between syrup-soaked angel hair and then sprinkles it with rosewater and pistachios. It’s also a great example of Jordanian food you can learn to make yourself.

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the Dead Sea

Let’s face it, the Dead Sea has a depressing name. However, it does make adults act like children as they flip about like penguins on an oil-slicked underwater escalator and slather themselves in black mud to create a slick human wetsuit. And who wants to miss that?

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Wadi Mujib

If wading through the Dead Sea seems too tranquil, a short trip to Wadi Mujib will soon get your pulse racing again with a spot of canyoning. Don’t be fooled into thinking canyoning is only for those insanely fit folk; it’s an inclusive sport which is demonstrated beautifully by this article.

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