One of the coolest parts of planning your next road trip is that you can constantly search for new and less-explored parts of the country a bonus to living in such a vast space as the United States. There is nothing quite like getting lost in nature or among locals in some remote or unknown location.

If you’ve yet to kick off your next cross-country journey this summer, consider including some of these amazing cities (or towns) into your next itinerary whatever route you choose.

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1. Lake Chelan, Washington

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This quaint town, located on the banks of a 50-mile lake, has something to offer in each one of the four seasons. What makes it great? The charming atmosphere, beautiful natural surroundings, delicious wine and the extremely friendly people. You’ll find yourself contemplating becoming a resident yourself!

2. Door County, Wisconsin


Door County is actually a collection of small villages that are located along the peninsula of Lake Michigan. With similar charm as Lake Chelan, Door County has a great deal to offer in almost any season but one of its best moments is its spectacular autumn.

The hills and banks that run all along the lake sing in bright hues of oranges, reds and yellows. It’s not to be missed. Couple that with the friendly residents, local brews and cherry delicacies, and you have the perfect getaway that no one else really knows about.

3. Union City, Tennessee

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A great stop for the US history buff, you can follow the origins of the city from the Civil War up through the present day, exploring its revitalized downtown area. Its convenient location between larger cities also makes it ideal for the traveler that doesn’t want to stay in the big city, but enjoys the amenities.

4. Cocoa, Florida

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Not far from the well-known Cocoa Beach, this beach town is a great alternative if you’re looking to avoid larger tourist crowds on your next road trip. Enjoy the beauty of the ocean, as well as the history of the local area. It’s also a hop, skip and jump away from the Kennedy Space Center, which is definitely worth a visit.

With new kinds of travel coming to Florida, it will be easier than ever to get around should you want to hit up Cocoa Beach just for an afternoon.

5. Lake Tahoe, California

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Striking and a must-see, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. The scenery itself is enough to make you want to come back year after year. On top of that, the area has amazing recreational activities and eats. You can can go camping and reconnect with nature, or take it easy in one of the casino hotels and try to win big. Either way, you’ll find a way to relax and recharge.

6. City Island, New York

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It’s likely you’ve never heard of City Island in New York, but it should definitely be added to your NYC plans. Located in the Bronx, this hidden gem offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of Times Square and Manhattan, with a small-town feel in the middle of a metropolis.

Head to the beach in the summer or take a boat out on the water. You’ll also enjoy amazing views of the city skyline.

7. Bentonville, Arkansas

There is nothing quite like getting lost among locals in some remote or unknown location. The US bursts some amazing cities, but have you considered these?

Until recently, Bentonville was only famous for being home to one of the largest retailers in the United States: the ever-present Walmart. But that started to change in 2012, when one of the youngest heirs decided to invest part of the family fortune in transforming the region into a sort of cultural mecca in the middle of the country, with a new museum and a growing culinary scene.

Did it pay off? Well, there’s only one way to find out go check it out for yourself.


8. Savannah, Georgia

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A gem of the south, Savannah boasts a rich cultural history, access to the beach and beautiful Tybee Island, as well as an arts and theater scene that always has something new to offer its visitors and residents. A particularly fun event (that you should go to at least once) is their famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade: the second-largest in the US. The city is for the history lover, the food junkie, the artist or even the partier. Savannah literally has something for everyone!


Whatever you decide your next road-trip itinerary should include, make sure you get a little creative. Explore unique suggestions, or entertain the idea of a destination you’d never really consider. You might surprise yourself! Most likely, you’ll find loads of places that are off the beaten path (like fishing villages in the middle of the country’s largest city) that are worth the extra research and time if given the chance.


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